Music Mixing and creative Audio

Since I was young, I had a big passion for music in many styles and started musical education at the age of 9.
I learned to play the Oboe and Piano and was already experimenting with some basic recording equipment. When time came to choose a profession, I choose Audio-school. From the start the search for great sound and to achieve that I learned that not only the technical part is important but also the musical arrangement, which I learned about more in detail after audio school.

After some time of touring and PA sound I ended up at the Opera house of Brussels and did the sound design, amplification multitrack recording, live streaming and mixing for lots of the Opera productions from 2003 until now.

In 2011 I started as a freelance Sound engineer with "AV Inspire". I had the pleasure to record some CD's and DVD's, for mostly acoustical Music.

AV Productions

Sometimes people ask me to make video for youtube or social media for promotional purposes of the band. They contact me because we take special care about the sound quality first. Since we do not want to compromise the sound for the image, microphones may become part of the image.