2 concert piano's

Where can I record in Belgium with a good piano?

Answer : Renting a piano can go from 500 to 1000 euro’s a day.  Some venue’s or studio’s have a piano installed and can be more interesting financially. Depending on the musical genre and acoustical needs these halls or studio’s can help you.
Academiezaal Sint Truiden, De Singel Antwerpen, Concertruimte Piano’s Maene Brussel, Theatre Mercelis Brussel, Flagey Studio 1, Conservatorium Brussel, Lemmensinstituut Leuven.
Studio Dada Schaarbeek (Steinway D274), Studio Pyramide Beersel (Yamaha G2 & U1 upright), Jet Studio Jette (Yamaha C5), Studio ICP Brussel (Yamaha C7), Ace Studio Aartselaar (Yamaha C5), Galaxy Studio Mol, Room13 Gent, Motormusic Mechelen (Yamaha S6), Hype Studio Mechelen (Yamaha), Rockstar Recordings Niel (Yamaha cf 9) Pieuvre recording Studio, Bruxelles (Bosendorfer Imperial), Rubens Studio, Schaerbeek (Grand Bechstein), Studio La Conserve, Laeken (Grand Bechstein)