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AV staat voor Audio-Visueel.  Inspire staat voor samenwerking en Synergie die inspiratie creëert.


With our mobile recording equipment, your favorite concert or rehearsal hall (acoustic) becomes our recording studio. Instead of traveling to a studio that is forced to charge for the maintenance of its very expensive infrastructure, we use the space you know best to your advantage. The biggest advantage is that you are comfortable with the best acoustics and this translates into the performance. If you have a large (classical) orchestra or want to record a live concert, this process is obvious, but also economic reasons may play out.
My Mobile Recording Studio includes everything you need to record up to 32 simultaneous channels with the best microphones, preamps and converters. In this way, we have already made several recordings of classical, jazz, folk and gospel music.

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At our Project studio we get the best out of your recordings without the big power consuming (and expensive) mixing desk but with a great hybrid system.


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