Location Recording

With our mobile Recording equipment we can record in the acoustics you love. Studio's, Churches, venues, Clubs, Concert Recording, even at your place, at the highest quality possible.


Music Mixing

At our Project studio we get the best out of your recordings without the big power consuming (and expensive) mixing desk but with a great hybrid system.


Live Sound

If you love to play for people who are actually listening to your music and without earplugs, we should definitely get in touch.


AV Productions

AV Inspire can provide you the video-clip or livestream that will bring your music alive on social media or youtube.
While our focus stays on the sound-quality, the image is build around you and your music by our Select Partners.


Client Reviews

contact Geert De Deken

Geert De Deken

Sound Engineer

"AV Inspire recorded two CDs for us (Duo of Viola d'Amore and Viennese Bass). Geert always manages to capture the true sound of our instruments. He has the ear, the sensitivity, and the technical skills to get the "life" and the atmosphere that we want to hear in a recording. Thanks, and looking forward to working together again!" Duo Sweet 17

. "I have been working with Geert in many live settings and studio sessions, and it's always a pleasure. You can really count on him and his equipment is top quality: we used microphones of famous brands like Neumann, Mojave, Gefell, Royer, Schoeps, etc. and great preamps as well (e.g. Neve). Moreover, Geert is a musician himself, so he easily understands what I am looking for, even when I can't explain it in technical terms. Thanks for all our collaborations over the past few years and many more to come!!" Barnill Brothers - Ruben Hillewaere - singer songwriter

"Very professional, relaxed and comfortable to work with in any situation, would recommend anytime." Egon Loosveldt - drummer

"Merci encore pour ce magnifique montage et mixage que vous avez fait pour Pinocchio. J’étais tellement heureux d’entendre ma musique telle qu’elle est écrite et telle que Patrick l’a dirigée. Dans la salle je n’avais pas toujours cette clarté musicale." Philippe Boesmans - composer

"Ce fut une collaboration très agréable et constructive ! L'enregistrement Live de la Messe en La de C. Franck avec Orchestre, chœurs, solistes et orgue. Une belle œuvre peu connue mise sur bande. Tout ceci avec des micros à condensateurs et Ribbons d'une précision extrême ! DPA, Schoeps, Neumann,... Bravo, Bravo et encore une fois bravo ! Pour un prix qui en vaut largement la qualité !" Guillaume Auvray - composer, conductor

"Recording with AV Inspire means being heard. I’ve been working with AV Inspire in all my recordings for the last year and we always get the final product I want. We are working together in a special and challenging project and Geert really listen to my wishes and does everything to obtain the final result I desire. He knows how to get what I want in every take. Is amazing! I’m looking forward to our next session and to future recording challenges." Martin Rosso - double bass

"J'ai déjà collaboré avec Geert, et la qualité de travail est très haute, avec une très bonne ambiance! et le prix est vraiment abordable par rapport à son grand professionnalisme. Je vous suggère fortement de confier vos projets à AV Inspire ." Miyaghi Osada - singer

"AV Inspire fait un travail remarquable! Compétence, gentillesse, écoute, excellents conseils, patience, et qualité à longue durée, merci Geert!"
" Toujours au service et service maximum. Quitte à remettre souvent l'ouvrage sur le métier. Une belle réussite et une effroyable efficacité."GPS-trio - Gospel

"Just a quick note to say thanks for the mix of Jeanne-Minette Cilliers and Victoria Yarovaya Opera Vlaanderen recital. Despite my meager attempt to capture the audio you REALLY provided a clarity I could only hope for. Best money spent, having you do the mix. THANK YOU! More work coming your way." Andrew Richards - singer